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Map contents date between 1850 and 1858. Hancock County, created in 1850, is shown. Winston, created in 1858, is not.; Includes all of Mississippi and Alabama. Extends into surrounding states to the west, east and south.; To the right of map, steamboat landings in Alabama with distances from Mobile.; Text box at bottom center is an ad for: "Phoenix Book store. Putnam & Malone Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods, &c. No. 52 Dauphine Street, Mobile, Ala.".; Acquisition notes that the map is taken from H.E. Mead's Alabama: a complete guide to her rivers, their landings and distances, her watering places, her railroads, stations & distances, with a complete county map of the state, together with a list of national stamp duties, and rates of U.S. postage; published in Mobile, 1866.
Putnam & Malone (publisher)
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