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subject : Central America--Maps
Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.; "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1839 by Daniel Burgess in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Connecticut."; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Inset: Map of Mexico and Guatimala.
[Daniel Burgess & Co.] (publisher)
Smith, Roswell Chamberlain, 1797-1875. (creator)
Stiles, Sherman & Smith. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; On verso: 62
A. Fullarton & Co (publisher)
Macnab, John. (creator)
Bartholomew, John, 1831-1893.; A. Fullarton & Co. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; Five inset maps of Isthmus of Panama, Harbor of San Juan de Nicaragua, The Nicaragua Route, Manzanilla I. Aspinwall City navy bay, City of Panama.; Accompanied by text sheet "The states of Central America" from an unidentified Colton atlas.
J.H. Colton (publisher)
Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth), 1827-1901. (creator)
Colton, J. H. (Joseph Hutchins), 1800-1893.; J.H. Colton & Co. (contributor)
"Entered ... in the year 1874 by O.W. Gray."; Shows West Indies, Central America, and Caribbean Sea with cities and rivers.; Relief shown by hachures.; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Inset: The Bermuda Islands.; "181" in lower right hand margin.; Text on verso: "182 / General Description - South America."; From an unidentified edition of Gray's Atlas.
s.n (publisher)
Gray, F. A. (Frank A.) (creator)
Atwood, John M., b. ca. 1818.; Gray, Ormando Willis. (contributor)
Relief shown by hachures.; Prime meridian: Paris.; Number 19 at upper right.
[Fx. Delamarche] (publisher)
Delamarche, Felix. (creator)
Prime meridian: Paris.; Scale given in French leagues, geographic miles, English miles, and Spanish leagues.; Relief shown by hachures.; No. 23; Nord, Sud, Est, and Ouest printed outside borders.
Furne (publisher)
Tardieu, Ambroise, 1788-1841. (creator)
Furne (Firm) (contributor)
Prime meridian: Paris.; Relief shown by hachures.; Eight illustrations on each side of the map, drawn by A. Testard, describe various parts of the New World and its flora.; Shows location of forts, ports, canals, mines, national and internal boundaries, European colonies, etc.
Fatout, editeur, Bouvelard Poissonniére 17 (publisher)
Vuillemin, A. (Alexandre), b. 1812. (creator)
Fatout; Gérin; Guesnu; Langevin; Lefèvre, F.; Mageon; Testard, J. Alph. (contributor)
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