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subject : Eastern Hemisphere--Maps--Early works to 1800
Relief shown by hachures.; Covers Europe, Asia and Africa.; Possible engraver's mistake in the title. "Old Map of the Continent" should be " Map of the Old Continent ..."; From the supplement to the Gentleman's Magazine for the year 1758.
s.n (publisher)
Gibson, J. (John), active 1750-1792. (creator)
Hemispherical map of the eastern hemisphere.; In top corners inside neat line: at left 233, at right 231; On right lower page outside neat line: Pjiiij; Figure LXXXVI, p.231 probably from: Description de l'univers, contenant les differents systmes du monde, les cartes generales & particulieres de la geographie ancienne & moderne: ... / par Allain Manesson Mallet ... Paris: D. Thierry, 1683. 5v.; On verso (p. 232): "Des De̓troits les plus confiderables de l̕ Ancien Continent".
D.Thierry (publisher)
Manesson-Mallet, Allain, 1630?-1706? (creator)
Thierry, Denys, -1712. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; From a geographical grammar book.; Includes decorative cartouche and ill.
s.n (publisher)
Kitchin, Thomas, 1718-1784, (creator)
This is one of the earliest maps of the World published by a woman. Mlle. Duval, daughter of Pierre Duval, issued this interesting world map in 1684. It is virtually an unchanged copy of the 1666 edition. The map includes California as an island, curious Terra De Iesso land bridge to Asia, New Zealand still attached to Terres Australes et Inconnues (the unknown southern continent), narrow Straits of Magellan and a host of other cartographic anomalies. Circular representation shows the orbits of the Moon and the known planets. Two compass roses and other embellishments.; Relief shown pictorially.
DuVal fille de l'Auteur (publisher)
Duval, P. (Pierre), 1619-1682. (creator)
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