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subject : Funeral homes--Alabama--Birmingham
newspaper clipping
Includes black and white photograph.
Newspaper Vertical File Collection (source)
Birmingham News (publisher)
Bradford Funeral Home was located at 1525 Seventh Ave. North in a converted 1910 home.
Birmingfind Collection, Photographs, AR 829, Archives Department (source)
Birmingham View (publisher)
Cloud Studio (creator)
This fourteen room house, two story building was built by Blacks. In 1939 the house had a new stucco front added to it. There was a six car garage at the back of the house.It was an example of Black aspirations in elegant home ownership. It was located at 1101 7th Avenue, North between 11th and 12th Streets, North. As a historic home it is known as the Hadnott Home.
Archives Department, Jefferson County Historical Commission (source)
Ferrell, Ellen A. (publisher)
Moseley, Don (contributor)
September, 1972
1528 5th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203-1841
Jefferson County Ala. Board of Equalization Appraisal Files, 1938-1977, Collection 270, Archives Department (source)
Jefferson County Ala. Board of Equalization (publisher)
Jefferson County Ala. Board of Equalization (creator)
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