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subject : South America--Maps--Early works to 1800.
Relief shown pictorially.; Original: America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings / Discribed and inlarged by I.S. ; Abraham Goos, Amstelodaminsis, sculpsit.; Originally published: [London] : Are to be sold ... by G. Humble, 1626.; Includes text, inset of Greenland, col. illus of native figures and town views in margins.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. (creator)
Goos, Abraham.; Humble, George, -1640. (contributor)
1626; 1977
V. 2 of the referenced work, including this map, was published in 1685.; Traces Captain Sharp's voyage.
Ringrose, Basil, -1686. (creator)
Exquemelin, A. O. (Alexandre Olivier); Sharpe, Bartholomew, active 1679-1682. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Detached from: Gerardi Mercatoris atlas sive cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura. Dunuó auctus editio quinta, excusum can vigilanti sumptibus et typis aeneis Henrici Hondij, Amsterodami An. D. 1623.; Includes color. ill. and inset of "Cusco metropolis Peru."; Verso: America Meridionalis (text), pages 371 and 372
Sumptibus et typis aeneis Henrici Hondij (publisher)
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. (creator)
Hondius, Hendrik, 1597-1651. (contributor)
Includes latitude and longitude.; Relief shown pictorially.; Four explorers support the circle enclosing the hemisphere in a maritime landscape. The explorers with dates of their discoveries are from top left: Christopher Columbus (1492) and Amerigo Vespucci (1497); from bottom left: Ferdinand Magellan (1519), and Francisco Pizarro (1526).; Includes illustrations of ships and a monstrous fish.; First map of America to show the White-le Moyne geography of Virginia and Florida.; Appears in Girolamo Benzoni's History of the new world, v. 3., which is part 6 of de Bry's Grands voyages.; Latin ed. published 1596, 1617, and 1624.
Bry, Theodor de, 1528-1598. (creator)
White, John, active 1585-1593.; Le Moyne de Morgues, Jacques, 1533?-1588.; Bry, Theodor de, 1528-1598.; Benzoni, Girolamo, 1519- (contributor)
Ruscelli's Italian translation from the Greek of Ptolemy's Geographia.; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows settlements in North and South America, large land mass.; Includes descriptive describing the New World [Italian].; On verso: Descrittione dell' America, libro quarto, 125 (text)
Ruscelli, Girolamo, -approximately 1565. (creator)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century.; Rosaccio, Giuseppe, approximately 1530-approximately 1620. (contributor)
Prime meridian: London.
Jefferys, Thomas, -1771. (creator)
From: Nouvel atlas, v. 3, part 2.; Verso: America gegen Mittag; Relief shown pictorially.; Ornate cartouche, surrounding title statement, portrays natives, flora and fauna.; Shows animals, native housing, hammocks, weapons, and ships.
Joannis Janssony (publisher)
Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; VII in upper right margin.
Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. (creator)
Sanson, Guillaume. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; In Latin on verso; with caption title "Peruvia" and paginated 84.; From Quad's Geographisch Handtbuch. Coln am Rein : Bey Iohan Buxemacher ..., 1600.
[Johann Bussemacher] (publisher)
Bussemacher, Johann, active 1580-1613,; Quad, Matthias, 1557-1613. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; In lower right corner: 99.
Chez Covens et Mortier (publisher)
Cóvens et Mortier. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Scale estimated from latitude spacing.; Shows major cities, political divisions for South America and southern and eastern portions of North America; California as an island.; Includes notes, dates, and illustrated title cartouche depicting indigenous peoples and bird's eye view of settlement with windmills, small illustrations of sailing vessels.; In upper left corner: "Dreseé et Dediée a nosseigneurs les enfans de France. Par lourtres humble et tres Obsissant Serviteur de Fer. Geographe de Monseigeur le Dauphin" [cartouche]; in lower right corner: cartouche with "Echelle" [scale]; in upper right corner: blank cartouche.; Prime meridian: Isle de Fer.
Chez l'Autheur (publisher)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. (creator)
Loon, H. v. (Herman van) (contributor)
60 leucae hispanicae [= 9,3 cm] ; 50 milliaria germanica [= 9 cm].; Relief shown pictorially.; Verso: "Descriptio terræ firmæ.... 13" (Latin text); Two compass roses and two cartouches.; From Blaeu's "Nieuwe Atlas... " 1642.
Guiljelmus Blaeuw (publisher)
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638. (creator)
Prime meridian: Cape Verde; The map is based upon a 1548 map of the same title published in Giacomo Gastaldi's La Geografia.; Verso: Della Terra Nuova (text); Relief shown pictorially.
[Vincenzo Valgrisi] (publisher)
Ruscelli, Girolamo, -approximately 1565. (creator)
Gastaldi, Giacomo, approximately 1500-approximately 1565. (contributor)
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