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subject : Southern States--Maps--Early works to 1800
Relief shown pictorially.; Second state with Atlantic Ocean correctly named.; Shows several towns, Indian villages and tribal territory, rivers, a few channels and navigational hazards, and relief.
J. Bew (publisher)
Bew, John, d. 1793. (creator)
Lodge, John, d. 1796. (contributor)
Shows Indian villages, rivers and inlets, anchorages and soundings.; Inset: Plan of the harbour and settlement of Pensacola. Scale [ca. 1:420,000].; Relief shown by soundings for Pensacola harbor and approaches.; Prime meridian: London.
Gentlemen's Magazine (publisher)
Gibson, J. (John), fl. 1750-1792. (creator)
Covers Mexico, Central America, the southern U.S., and northern South America.; Relief shown pictorially.; "12th. May, 1794."; Prime meridian: London.; Hand colored.; Title in decorative cartouche.
Laurie & Whittle (publisher)
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782. (creator)
Robert Laurie and James Whittle. (contributor)
Prime meridians: Philadelphia and London; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows major rivers and streams and the land holdings of the Upper Mississippi Company, the Georgia Company and the Tennessee Company in what is now Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
C. Dilly Poultry (publisher)
Russell, John, fl. 1733-1795. (creator)
Seligmann's re engraving of Mark Catesby's map. That English version appeared variously in volumes 1 or 2 of The Natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, published in London 1731-1732.; Prime meridian: London; Relief shown pictorially.; Depicts the Southeast as far west as the Mississippi River. Colored to show the British possessions in pink, the French in green, and the Spanish in yellow.
[s.n.] (publisher)
Seligmann, Johann Michael, 1720-1762. (creator)
Catesby, Mark, 1683-1749. (contributor)
Date appears on the title page of the volume in which this map is found.; Relief is shown pictorially.; Scales shown in Milliaria Germanica and Milliaria Gallica.; "Pag. 21" above neat line, upper right.; "Uytgeroerd te Leyden door Pieter vander Aa met Privilegie" below neat line, lower left.; "Pontius" below neat line, lower right.; Title in cartouche at lower right, surrounded by scenes of sailing ships, explorers arriving on shore, and explorers fighting Indians.
Pieter Vander Aa (publisher)
Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-1733. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Washington, D.C.; "Russell, sculp. ..."; Coordinates shown as W 14⁰--E 2⁰/N 37⁰--N 30⁰.; Library copy has note: Map of the Southern part of the U.S.A. (Morse). Engraved by Russell, London, 1798. ..."
C. Dilly (publisher)
Russell, John, fl. 1733-1795.; Dilly, Charles.; Morse, Jedidiah, 1761-1826. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; "Russell del. et sculp."; From: An historical, geographical, commercial, and philosophical view of the United States of America / W. Winterbotham. New York : Printed by Tiebout and O'Brien, for J. Reid, 1796. Vol. 3, p. 1.; Prime meridian: London.
H.D. Symonds (publisher)
Russell, John, fl. 1733-1795. (creator)
Symonds, H. D. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Latin text on verso of both pages, numbered 9.; Originally published in: Theatrum orbis terrarum / Abraham Ortelius. Antverpiæ : s.n., 1584. Latin editions published 1584, 1591, 1595, 1601, 1603 and 1609. The text appears to best match the 1591 edition.; Maps show portion of Central America and northwestern South America; southern United States; coast of Tamaulipas in Mexico.; Titles enclosed in decorative cartouches.
Abraham Ortelius (publisher)
Chaves, Geronimo, 1523-1574. (creator)
Hurtado de Mendoza, Diego, 1503-1575.; Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. (contributor)
Originally published in: Theatrum orbis terrarum / Abraham Ortelius. Antverpiæ : s.n., 1584. French editions published 1587 and 1598.; Maps show portion of Central America and northwestern South America; southern United States; coast of Tamaulipas in Mexico.; Relief shown pictorially.; French text on verso of one page, numbered 9.; Titles enclosed in decorative cartouches.
Christoval Plantino (publisher)
Hurtado de Mendoza, Diego, 1503-1575. (creator)
Chaves, Geronimo, 1523-1574.; Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. (contributor)
Prime meridians: Philadelphia and London.; Relief shown pictorially.; A re-engraving of an earlier map attributed to Samuel Lewis. cf. Wheat and Brun, no. 619.; Engraved for Payne's Geography.; Shows the present states of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.
I. Low (publisher)
Lewis, Samuel, 1753 or 4-1822. (creator)
Low, John, 1763-1809,; Scoles, John, 1772?-1853, (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; "Tom. XIV, in 4⁰, no. 11" below neat line at left.; "Tome 14 in 8⁰, page 148" below neat line at right.; Found in Jean François de La Harpe's Abrégé de l'histoire générale des voyages, but library's copy has never been folded.
[s.n.] (publisher)
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. (creator)
La Harpe, Jean-François de, 1739-1803. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; Plate number at upper right corner: 54.
Printed for Thos. Bowles & John Bowles (publisher)
Moll, Herman, d. 1732. (creator)
Relief shown by hachures and pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; Outline color.; In upper right corner: Gent: Mag.
Gentleman's Magazine (publisher)
Gibson, J. (John), fl. 1750-1792. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.
Marco Coltellini (publisher)
Scacciati, Andrea. (creator)
Pazzi, Giuseppe. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Shows routes of explorers.; Shows the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and parts of Canada and Mexico.; Inset: Carte particuliere des embouchures de la rivie S Louis et de la Mobile.; Outline color.
Ph. Buache (publisher)
L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. (creator)
Buache, Philippe, 1700-1773.; Le Maire, François, 1675-1748. (contributor)
Prime meridian: [Cape Verde]; Relief shown pictorially.; Reduced version of map originally produced in 1718 (Cumming, no. 170)
J.F. Bernard (publisher)
L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. (creator)
Prime meridians: Ferro and Paris.; Relief shown pictorially.; "Liv. XVI, no. 46."; Also shows Georgia and portions of the Carolinas and Virginia.; Includes detailed information regarding territory of future states of Mississippi and Alabama.; Shows forts, Indian villages.
Bonne, Rigobert, 1727-1794. (creator)
André, Peter.; Raynal, abbé (Guillaume-Thomas-François), 1713-1796. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridians: Isle de Fer and Paris.; In top right margin: "118."; Plate marks visible.
Bonne, Rigobert, 1727-1794. (creator)
André, Peter. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: [Ferro]; Approximately 40 "Lieues Francoises' to an inch.; Based on De L'Isle's map of the French possessions of Louisiana. It presents a detailed view of the Gulf region and the Mississippi Valley.; Cartouche shows two men negotiating over a large chest of gold coins.; Weigel's name and date taken from Tooley.; Host item information taken from Cumming, no. 170.
Weigel, Johann Christoph d. 1746 (creator)
Köhler, Johann David, 1684-1755.; L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. (contributor)
ca. 1734]
Date established from Burden, p. 413 (State 4).; Under neat line at lower right: Somer Sculp.; Relief shown pictorially.
Chez l'auteur re (publisher)
Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667 (creator)
Somer, Jean Pruthenus fl. 1650-1679. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Washington, D.C.; Shows area from Fort Washington to Savannah, and from Muscle Shoals to Atlantic coast.; The original French, and this English version, both first appeared in 1799.
Printed for R. Phillips, 71 St. Paul's Church Yard (publisher)
Russell, John, fl. 1733-1795. (creator)
Phillips, R. (Richard), Sir, 1767-1840. (contributor)
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