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subject : West Indies--Maps--Early works to 1800
Popple based his map on firsthand information gathered over several years at the Board of Trade and Plantations. The map, first issued in London on twenty sheets in 1733, was the first large-scale British map to provide an overall view of the eastern half of North America. As tensions grew between the colonial powers, the map became immensely influential throughout Europe and was copied by several cartographers. Covens & Mortier's version is very desirable due to its smaller size and the fact that each map is completely enclosed within its own border, so that it stands on its own without the other sheets. This is the southeast sheet of the Dutch, four-part, version of Henry Popple's important map of the British Empire in North America published by Covens and Mortier. It covers the region from Bermuda through the Antilles to the north coast of South America.; Prime meridian: London; Portions of the map are in English.; Shows direction of prevailing winds, an ornate compass rose, sailing ships, and a sea battle between a British squadron under Charles Wager and the Spanish treasure fleet off Cartagena.; Relief shown pictorially.
Jon Cóvens & Corneille Mortier (publisher)
Popple, Henry, d. 1743. (creator)
Condet, Johannes, 1711-1781.; L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726.; Cóvens et Mortier. (contributor)
Covers Mexico, Central America, the southern U.S., and northern South America.; Relief shown pictorially.; "12th. May, 1794."; Prime meridian: London.; Hand colored.; Title in decorative cartouche.
Laurie & Whittle (publisher)
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782. (creator)
Robert Laurie and James Whittle. (contributor)
Map has one compass rose. The title panel is in the lower left corner.; Shows lands around the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean area. Names cities and rivers.; Relief shown by soundings.; From an unidentified edition of English Pilot.
Sold by Richard & William Mount and Thomas Page on Tower Hill (publisher)
Mount, Richard, d. 1722.; Mount, William, d. 1769.; Page, Thomas, d. 1733. (contributor)
Covers Atlantic coast of North America from Newfoundland to Florida, Gulf Coast, Caribbean Region and northern coasts of South America.; Shows shallow banks.; "Johannes van Keulen, boek en zee kaart verkoper en graadboogh maaker aande Niewe-brugh inde Gekroonde Lootsman, met privilegie voor 15 iaaren."; Oriented with north to the right.; Outline color.; Includes decorative cartouche and rhumb lines.
Johannes van Keulen (publisher)
Keulen, Johannes van, fl. 1726-1753. (creator)
Vooght, Claes Janszoon, d. 1696. (contributor)
[between 1680 and 1696?]
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