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Nov. 6, 2014
Madhulika Sikka's Breast Cancer Alphabet offers a new way to live with and plan past the hardest diagnosis that most women will ever receive: a personal, practical, and deeply informative look at the road from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.
Exquisitely illustrated with full-color photographs by Hollye’s close friend, award-winning photographer Elizabeth Messina, The Silver Lining is both Hollye’s memoir and a practical, supportive resource for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer
This wise little book of 150 meditations is like a breast cancer support group. It is exactly what a woman recuperating in her hospital bed or during any of the other milestones of treatment and recovery might need--the advice and wisdom of other women who have preceded her in confronting breast cancer.
Presents a guide to coping with the physical and emotional demands of breast cancer treatment and recovery, in an updated edition that covers the latest treatment options, building a support network, and breast reconstruction.
The Husband's Guide to Breast Cancer is for men seeking an easy-to-understand and practical resource to answer their questions now, and guide them through every stage of their wife's breast cancer journey. Husband's Guide to Breast Cancer: A Complete & Concise Plan for Every Stage provides help at a glance for those who need solutions in a hurry, but is also complete enough to deepen a man's understanding of breast cancer and inspire his role as caregiver.
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