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The wartime experiences of soldiers and sailors as well as workers on the homefront are compared to their depiction in films including The Best Years of Our Lives, The Great Escape, and Windtalkers.
This is another great offering from Fantagraphics. Oversized, full-color reproductions of classic noir posters. Take a look at #53, "Crime Wave", and then check out the DVD and listen to the great commentary track by Eddie Muller and James Ellroy.
These transcripts of recorded conversations between Welles and "The Last Picture Show" director Bogdanovich are highly engaging whether you are a Welles fan or just enjoy listening to a man of many opinions. Arguably the most innovative American director of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Welles offers up nuggets that are as quotable as any line from his classic films.
In 1969, a low-budget biker movie, "Easy Rider", shocked Hollywood with its stunning success. Peter Biskind takes us on the wild ride that was Hollywood in the '70s, an era that produced such modern classics as "The Godfather", "Chinatown", "Shampoo", "Nashville", "Taxi Driver", and "Jaws". "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls" vividly chronicles the exuberance and excess of the times. Based on hundreds of interviews with the directors themselves, producers, stars, agents, writers, studio executives, spouses, and ex-spouses, this is the full, candid story of Hollywood's last golden age.
Biographical information on more than a million notable historical and contemporary individuals. Facts, summaries, articles, and pictures.
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This handy tool of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will tell you everything you want to know about the history of Academy Award nominees and winners. Search by year, category, and performer or browse through their list of Oscar stats.
These recommendations from other movie lovers might inspire you to seek out these overlooked gems and classics you might have missed.
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