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Dr. Gallant presents the latest information about being diagnosed and living with HIV/AIDS. He answers questions about all aspects of the disease including issues specific to women, and corrects some still-prevalent misconceptions.
Provides readers with everything they will need to know about surviving the first year of HIV infection, covering doctors, treatment options, coping mechanisms, and holistic approaches.
Chronicle one of the worst pandemics ever known. Through interviews with researchers, leaders, activists, and patients, the question is: what must be done to stop AIDS?
The vast majority of AIDS victims between the ages of 20-40 contracted the virus as teens and infection rates for other sexually transmitted diseases are near epidemic levels. Are teens making risky choices out of ignorance or a sense of invincibility? provides access to Federal HIV/AIDS information through a variety of new media channels, and supports the use of new media tools by Federal and community partners to improve domestic HIV programs serving minority and other communities most at-risk for, or living with, HIV.
This site is rich in valuable HIV resources. AEGIS provides the latest news on treatment, statistics, policy, and research.
"AIDS Alabama devotes its energy and resources statewide to helping people with HIV/AIDS live healthy, independent lives and works to prevent the spread of HIV. "
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