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  • Baseball America… Almanac -- This almanac includes major league news and statistics, an overview of each team’s season, the minor league year in review, comprehensive college coverage, draft information, high school, foreign, and winter league coverage.
  • Official NBA Guide -- Provides information about NBA teams including team executives and coaching staff, schedules, player rosters, first-round draft picks, team statistics and top players. Also provides sections on history, records, and a review of every season in NBA history, including statistics and standings.
  • Official… National Football League Record & Fact Book -- Authorized by the NFL, this record book provides a chronological history of professional football since 1869, a digest of NFL rules, all-time team vs. team results, game-by-game summaries of the season, all-time individual and team records, and season statistics.
  • Sports Market Place Directory -- This directory is a guide to over 15,000 sports organizations, teams, corporate sponsors, sports agents, marketing and event management agencies, media, manufacturers, and retailers.
This 6-disc DVD series by major league hitting coach Dave Hudgens teaches drills and exercises to improve your hitting mechanics. Topics covered include power hitting, conquering the curveball, strength and conditioning, vision training, and techniques to shorten your swing and produce a quicker, more powerful swing.
The Authentic Little League Baseball guide to Basic Fielding, Basic Pitching, and Basic Hitting provide step-by-step instructions for learning the fundamentals of Little League Baseball. These DVDs include practice drills and techniques to help children improve their game in each of these areas.
This 3-disc DVD set, The Fundamentals of Hitting, Pitching, and Defense, provides instruction on how to play baseball the "Ripken Way."
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