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Features links to more than 500 of the best science fiction short stories available in full on the web.
A mixture of book reviews, opinion pieces, author interviews, fiction excerpts, author and publisher reading lists, and a variety of other features.
Warpcore SF brings you sci-fi and fantasy escapism. You can read short fiction for free here, or find out which films and books are worth your time. Test your genre knowledge with a quiz, and find out about upcoming attractions.
An impressive site for fantasy lovers that includes forums, book, movie, and game reviews, polls, short stories, quizzes and more.
A place where romance readers can go to read balanced, well-written reviews and talk with other romance lovers about the good, the bad, and the ugly as it relates to romance as a genre.
A fun fan site that includes book reviews, author pages, and links to other romance sites.
A site to die for...if you love mystery books.
Read about spotlight authors, browse reviews, and find books by author, title, character type, series or publisher. Everything to help find your next paranormal romance reads.
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